Fab Crowd Aloud Go To Stocksbridge Park Steels Fc

Well it’s the beginning of a decade also lets hope we are steel ourselves to get a triumph in Stocksbridge Park FC on New Year’s afternoon. Not a trip over Woodhead let us hope to get a fantastic following. A Fabulous Boxing Day audience of 1502 in ASHTON UNITED swelled by excellent aid by FC United of Manchester followers watched FCA points obtained by SCOUSE&PROUD and from MRSGAZFITT. Again 5 non-players deducted 1 point. LAST POST 1pm New Years Day. Crowd revealed on results webpage. Not one of the deceased we expect. I am jealous of the audience in Hurst Cross. I wish we can enter that league using local derbies and intensely endorsed teams as traffic like FC United and South Shields. We’ve to escape this dull wilderness league we’ve been put in.

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Sunday, February 16th, 2020 Sports Betting
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